One of the only three large terriers of Ireland, the Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier originated as an all-around farm dog, perhaps
serving in this function for hundreds of years. Besides the
ever-essential terrier function of extinguishing vermin, it also
helped round up stock and guard the homestead. It was later
even known to be trained as a gundog. Its early history is largely
undocumented; however, it is mentioned as a progenitor of the
Kerry Blue Terrier. The Wheaten was a comparitive late comer to
the show scene. Only in 1937 was it granted breed status in
Ireland. For many years, an Irish Championship required that a
dog not only prove itself in the ring but also in the field over
badger, rat, and rabbit. The English Kennel Club recognized the
breed in 1943, and in 1946 the first Wheaten came to America.
The breed did not instantly catch the public's attention, but
instead it took its time building a firm basis of support. In 1973
the AKC granted recognition.
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